Digital Assessments FAQs

How do I use digital assessments?

View tutorial videos and download user guide PDFs.

How are digital assessments graded?

Questions like true/false and multiple choice are scored by the computer. Questions that require written answers (like essays or fill-in-the-blank) will be graded by Abeka.

How do I see my students’ scores?

You may view or download test and quiz results immediately in digital assessments.

Can homeschoolers use digital assessments?

Currently, digital assessments are available in 7th–12th grade for students enrolled in the accredited program. We’re working to develop digital assessments for all homeschoolers, but they’re not available yet.

What are the computer system recommendations for Abeka digital assessments?

Since there’s no software to download, you’ll need Internet access and an updated version of Internet Explorer (IE 10+), Chrome, Safari, or Firefox. Also, make sure that you have the most recent version of Adobe Flash installed for your browser.

What customer support will be available?

Speak with customer service via telephone or by live chat 8 am–4:45 pm CT, or send questions by e-mail. See Contact Us.

What equipment do I need?

Use a PC running an up-to-date browser. Windows XP users are encouraged to use Chrome or Firefox for the best experience. Windows 7 and 8 users may use your favorite up-to-date browser.

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